New healthcare positions and vacancies are skyrocketing while time to fill is longer than ever

In 2015, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the healthcare sector would account for 1 in 4 new jobs created. By 2024, healthcare is predicted to be the largest employment sector in the economy, overtaking the business and professional services sectors. With the ACA and an aging population, healthcare is being utilized more often and by more Americans than ever before.

In the face of booming demand for health services and skyrocketing competition for qualified healthcare employees, HR professionals must rise to the challenge of filling positions quickly and effectively, while creating a workplace that encourages employee engagement, smooth successions, and low turnover.

Overcome the challenges of today’s healthcare labor market:

  • Predict future hiring needs and become proactive rather than reactive
  • Implement succession planning and pave the way for smooth high-level transitions
  • Leverage the latest digital HR solutions to cut costs and boost efficiency
  • Build and benefit from a diverse workplace
  • Bridge the generation gap in your workforce, improving communication and the use of technology
  • Discover the cutting edge of disruptive HR technologies and what they mean for you

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Overcome the skills gap and fill positions quickly with the best applicant.


Predict future employment needs and create an environment that fosters retention.


HR is a complex space with often overlapping responsibilities and effects. Come as a team to get the most out of the summit’s complementary topics!

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