29-31 January, 2018
New Orleans, LA

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Healthcare Talent Acquisition & Management Summit Agenda

This year's Healthcare Talent Acquisition & Mangement Summit is taking place Jan 29-31, 2018 in New Orleans, LA.We’re tackling some of the thorniest issues in HR—succession planning, reducing time to fill and boosting retention in the face of a massive healthcare skills gap, and fostering diversity and an intergenerational workplace.

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Anticipated Attendee Snapshot: Healthcare Talent Acquisition and Management Summit

Interested in learning more about who attends the Healthcare Talent Acquisition and Management Summit? Check out our Anticipated Attendee Snapshot to learn more about who you expect to meet in learn from this January 29-31 in New Orleans, LA!

Dear Boss Letter: Justify your Attendance to the Healthcare Talent Acquisition & Management Summit

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Registration Packet - Healthcare Talent Acquisition & Management Summit

Your one-stop-shop for justifying your attendance to the Healthcare Talent Acquisition & Management Summit! Packet includes:

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The Healthcare Talent Shortage By The Numbers

There's no doubt about it, an unprecedented shortage of skilled healthcare talent is on the horizon. To shed light on this issue and how the industry can go about confronting it, below with collected some of the most compelling statistics around healthcare recruitment, training and employee engagement in the healthcare industry. Facts & figures include:

  • Future demand
  • 2017 turnover rates
  • Cost of hiring 

And more!

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Sponsorship & Exhibition Prospectus

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Modern Learning White Paper: Innovate, Collaborate and Disrupt

Today’s learner wants individualized training, and wants it to be accessible, immediate and relevant. In a “24/7” world, people are constantly online – constantly connected to a device and close to an access point. We don’t want to wait because we don’t need to wait. Training can happen when we have the time, which can be at any time.

As social creatures, humans are always looking to socialize in new ways. The same can be said about training in the workplace. It has to be short, sharp, and relevant… and also interactive and collaborative. Devices, be it an iPad or smartphone, are made available to us daily in our personal lives. Companies are now harnessing the power of that technology to improve learning.

Modern Learning: Innovate, Collaborate and Disrupt explores:

  • Top priorities in learning
  • Disruptive Learning Strategies such as Virtual Reality and Mobile Learning
  • Experience Application Programming Interface (XAPI)
  • Preparing for the years ahead

Continued Engagement of Employees by means of Artificial Intelligence

In their report “Global Human Capital Trends 2016”, Deloitte identifies engagement as an important emerging trend in organizational development. Engagement is one of those nebulous terms that defies definition in an organizational context. Deloitte defines it in terms of culture where culture is “how things are done around here” and engagement is “how do you feel about how things are done around here?” To complicate matters, how employees feel about how things are done in an organization is on display on a growing number of sites from GlassDoor to The Job Crowd. Engagement is vital to organizational health. Actively disengaged employees can wreak havoc on talent recruitment through social media posts. Engagement is about connection. Do your employees feel connected to the mission, vision, and values of the organization?

The Employee as a Consumer: Q&A with Cathy Fraser, CHRO of Mayo Clinic

Interview Discussion Topics

  • The employee as a consumer – a person who makes the choice of where to work by considering a broadly defined value proposition, inclusive of financial, work, and social aspects of life.
  • Developing an employee-centric management approach with a keen focus on cost and investment.
  • Promoting employee well-being, and workforce diversity through innovative and cost-effective initiatives

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HR Shared Services in Healthcare Resource Packet

3 Hospital Systems, 3 Differing Approaches to HR Shared Services. This packet include 4 case studies:

  • [Page 2] HCA HR Operations Center Part I: Implementation, Technology, and Measurement
  • [Page 45] HCA HR Operations Center Part II: HR Shared Services Transformation Lessons Learned from the Field
  • [Page 77] UnityPoint Health: Leveraging Millennial Engagement
  • [Page 94] Employee Experience and Usability: Supporting the Mayo HR Shared Service Model

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Reducing Time To Fill in Healthcare

We sat down with Talent Acquisition & Management for Healthcare Keynote Speaker Sebastien Girard, Vice President & Chief Workforce Officer, Parkland Health and Hospital System to discuss best practices for minimizing Time to Fill in Healthcare. Sebastien shares how Parkland Health has transformed their approach to talent acquisition to more effectively navigate an increasingly competitive talent environment, maximize efficiency and optimize the employee experience.

Key discussion points include:

  • Managing speed without impacting quality or increasing mistakes 
  • Making sure to adjust time to fill expectations by position versus using a “one size fits all” mentality
  • Improving time to fill in an increasingly competitive employment market

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Big Leadership Impact Without the Big Learning Budget

Presentation by Al Cornish, System Vice President Learning & Organizational Development/Chief Learning Officer, Norton Healthcare. Many organizations have very small training budgets but still are expected to deliver “BIG” results. This session focuses on how to develop a focused and impactful leadership development program that changes behaviors and provides the “BIG” results on a small budget.

Tactically Measuring the Impact of Informal Learning

Presentation by John Mattox, Managing Consultant, CEB. Gone are the days of a single LMS and a simple web portal to communicate organizational information. Though digital platforms like Lynda.com, Google, Sharepoint and many others available to learners, but sometimes the resources are individuals within their network—to gain instant insights that can be applied immediately in the work flow. Learning record stores (LRS) are beginning to track informal and social learning events, but even these tools only capture a fraction of the actual learning that occurs. Methods for assessing the quality of learning and more importantly the impact of learning on individual and organizational performance must adjust to remain relevant. Evaluation should focus on leading indicators of effectiveness like relevance and alignment while also measuring gaps that need to be filled.

HR Shared Services In Healthcare: The HCA Story

Short and sweet interview with Janet Gilmore, Vice President Human Resources Operations, HCA on how HCA leveraged shared services to transform the employee experience. Download and get the inside scoop on how HR shared services can become a critical enabler of HR transformation within healthcare.

From Tactical to Strategic: How Aurora Health Care Leveraged Analytics to Lead the HR Transformation

Presentation by Chirag Padalia, Director, Workforce Strategy and Analytics, Aurora Healthcare. If you can’t translate your people strategy into business language, you’re simply not getting the job done. For Aurora, the largest private employer in Wisconsin, large-scale stakeholder mapping was critical when launching its workforce planning team in early 2015. Within two years, the team leveraged deep analytics to develop a robust workforce planning framework to transform its talent acquisition & retention strategies. Recognizing the imperative for HR leaders to translate outcomes to tangible results, this transformation case study will focus on its overall process, models, and methods used to spur positive workforce and clinical outcomes.

How Promoting User Experience Changed a Culture of Learning

Presentation by Albany Cromer, Learning Technologies Manager, Medical University of South Carolina. The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) launched their new learning management system platform in October 2015. During the implementation and after it went live, the focus continues to be user experience. In doing so, they were able to have a successful system implementation and upgrade by engaging the people who use it the most, the users. As a result, MUSC won the coveted Brandon Hall Bronze Award for the Best Launch of a Corporate Learning University. A primary focus has been to quench the thirst for learning so that MUSC learners actively seek learning opportunities - more than simply to fulfill their annual requirements. We continuously encourage, engage and teach our educators about the system functionality and the latest learning trends to ensure that we are benefiting from the investment of the organization.

Focus On The C-Suite: 2017 Priorities of CHROs

IQPC Exchange surveyed senior-level HR executives to learn their top investment areas. These are the results. if you prefer to receive a copy, please email enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com

If you prefer to receive a copy, please email enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com


Transforming Knowledge into Results

As Vice President of Training & Development at UnitedHealth Group, Deborah Wiest makes it her priority to o build a learning culture, ensure that training was effective and new ways to measure behavior change.

Transforming HR: An Interview with Randy Dorsten, HCA's AVP of HR Strategy

HR Exchange Network was lucky enough to sit down with Randy Dorsten, the AVP of HR strategy for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). As the person responsible for their overall people strategy, he oversaw a massive HR transformation at HCA that took nearly 6 years to complete!

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